Google science fair 2015


“The Google Science Fair is an online science competition open to students ages 13 to 18 from around the globe. It encourages them to change the world through scientific inquiry. They’ll learn about their chosen topic and develop key skills along the way.


Every year, teachers,parents,and guardians play a huge role in the Google Science Fair. Many past finalists and winners credit their teachers with telling them about the competition in the first place and supporting their participation. We’ve put together some resources so you can involve your own students, build on existing classroom learning and contribute positively to their experience.

Join us in helping to champion a new generation of innovators.” extracted from the Google Science Fair 2015 website.

Since we are the kings and queens of INQUIRY, school librarians are the perfect people to guide and steer our students to pursue their scientific inquiry through this global contest.   The Teacher Tab has lesson plans and worksheets that you can utilize in your library programs and posters that you can print and display in your library to spark interest.  There are over 20 educational organizations that are supporting the endeavor this year.


The deadline us 19 may 2015 so go try yourself and be the best……


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