Today’s Significance.

Today is Luther Burbank’s Birth Anniversary. He is American by nationality.

Being interested in cultivation of forests and vegetables on a large scale, he was interested in as profession as an Horticulturist.

His birthday is today :7th March, 1849, and Star Sign as Pisces.

 He died at an age of 77 years, being 11th April of 1926.


the ‘Great Night of Shiva’

the 'Great Night of Shiva'

Maha Shivratri, which literally translates to “great night of Shiva” is a Hindu festival largely celebrated in India as well as in Nepal. The festival is celebrated on the new moon day in the month of Maagha according to the Hindu calendar. The day is celebrated to venerate Lord Shiva, an important deity in Hindu culture.
There are many mythological legends associated with this day. According to a popular legend, when a hunter could not find anything to kill for his food in a forest, he waited on the branch of a Woodapple tree. In order to attract deer, he started throwing the leaves of the tree on the ground, unaware that there was a Shiva Lingam beneath the tree. Pleased with the Woodapple leaves and the patience of the hunter, it is believed that Lord Shiva appeared in front of the hunter and blessed him with wisdom. From that day onwards, the hunter stopped eating meat.

Another legend has it that after the Earth was faced with an imminent destruction, Goddess Parvati pledged with Lord Shiva to save the world. Pleased with her prayers, Lord Shiva agreed to save the world on the pretext that the people of the Earth would have to worship him with dedication and passion. From that day onwards, the night came to be known as Maha Shivratri and people began worshipping Shiva with a great enthusiasm.

Some folklore also consider this to be Shiva’s day as this was believed to be the answer given by Lord Shiva when asked about his favorite day by Goddess Parvati.

Maha Shivratri is a Hindu festival which is celebrated by people following Hinduism in India. People often fast on the night of Shivratri and sing hymns and praises in the name of Lord Shiva. Hindu temples across the country are decorated with lights and colorful decorations and people can be seen offering night long prayers to Shiva Lingam. Woodapple leaves, cold water and milk are offered to the Shiva Lingam on this day as they are believed to be Lord Shiva’s favorite.

It is believed that the people who fast on this night and offer prayers to Lord Shiva bring good luck into their life. The most popular Maha Shivratri celebrations take place in Ujjain, believed to be the place of residence of Lord Shiva. Large processions are carried out throughout the city, with people thronging the streets to catch a glimpse of the revered idol of Lord Shiva.

Word of the Year 2013

So, guessed about the word of the year 2013? Well,the word of the year announced by the Oxford UK Ltd., is “SELFIE“. Although this word shows a grammatical error when written in Microsoft Words or Notepad, the Oxford decided “SELFIE” as “WOTY” or “WotY“. If you want to have a view on this word, Dictionaries describe it as “(n.) a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” Accordingly, this word means to share Photos, pictures or videos of your on social networking site ,i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, My Space or anywhere you post your selfies. But according to a study reveled by U.K. Researchers shows that too many selfies on social networking site ,i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, My Space or anywhere you post your selfies can damage your relationships or can harm you. But this is not all !!! An whole new app is made, known by the name of “Selfie”.”According to Oxford editors, the word has gone up staggering 17,000% in the past year” Report Reuters. The cause to stop Reuters is nothing but to stop posting more Selfies.

Startup Hackathon In Kiev Today Hopes To Build Tools For Euromaidan Protest


Earlier this year I attended Startup AddVenture 2013 in Kiev. Normally tech startup conferences consist of speeches, pitches, panels and networking events. This time, however, there was an added element – major social upheaval just around the corner. [UPDATE: See update below].

In nearby Independence Square, there was a massive protest in favour of the Ukraine joining the European Union. It was ironic. Only a couple of hours away by plane Greeks had been rioting to get OUT of the European Union, with its heavy austerity measures. But what was happening in Kiev was different, and closely affected by the politics surrounding Russia in the 21st century. The Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych had, at the last minute, reneged on negotiations for the Ukraine to strengthen commercial and political integration with the European Union, to opt instead for closer ties with the Moscow-dominated Russian trading block. That brought thousands…

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