Hats Off to Paris

Hats Off to Paris

                Air Pollution is the contamination of air by impurities, which adversely affect the living components. Air pollution are the substances that contaminate the air.

                       Scientists have revealed that the temperature of the earth is rising by 0.5`C every year. The dark clouds that are visible in the sky today are not those of rain but of smoke, fog and haze. Scanty rainfall and change in weather conditions are showing up. Vanishing greenery, lack of fresh air and water is causing harm to living beings. The environment is degrading fast as harmful substances are adding up and polluting it.

                 On 17 March 2014 Paris restricts car use to tackle pollution. Paris launched alternate driving days for the first time in nearly 20 years to tackle dangerous air pollution levels amid controversy on whether the ban is warranted or will yield results.

                     About 700 police officers will be deployed to man 60 checkpoints to ensure that only cars and motorcycles with number plates ending in odd digits are on the roads. Electric and hybrid cars will be exempted from the ban as well as any vehicle carrying three people or more.

              Parking was free on 17th March 2014 for vehicles with even number plates, the Paris city hall said, calling on residents to consult car-pooling or car-sharing sites to work out their commutes and rides. The restrictions will be reviewed on daily basis to determine if an extension is necessary. The ban means that drivers can only use means that drivers can only use their cars or motorcycles every other day.

             We need to reduce the emission of pollutants in air to reduce air pollution. This can be done by reducing power consumption which will reduce the use of coal in power stations; which in turn will reduce pollution and hence save energy and power; Grow more and more plants and trees; use Eco-friendly products and motivate others to do the same; Organize campaigns for cleaner environment.